Rossi admits the death came as a shock.

“But once you get over that shock… do you shed tears?” I asked.


“People will be surprised at that, Francis,” I said.

“I didn’t cry when my mother died. I didn’t cry when my father died.Interview with Ian Woods, Sky News.
Of course, people will point the finger at Francis Rossi and accuse him of being hard-hearted or overly macho. But I don’t believe that’s fair. I come straight out of the same mould. I get moved, I feel emotion, but I process grief in a tearless way. The last time I cried, uncontrollably, was 18 years ago, after we had our dog put down. I woke at 04:30 the day after and just dissolved. When I went to pay the vet’s bill, I broke down again. But I haven’t shed a single teardrop at the loss of close family and friends. I’m sure there’s a psychological explanation, but who cares? We are what we are, aren’t we?
Anyway, from one basic emotion to another. It’s International Kissing Day! Who knew? My favourite line in this item, carried by the Guardian, is Mona Chalabi’s response to this:
Q: What if they don’t like the way I kiss?
A: When in doubt, don’t lick someone.