A Day of Thoughts

Life has a hard edge, doesn’t it? Sometimes, no matter which way we turn, it’s impossible get comfortable. Even the simple escape of sleep is laced with fears and challenging obstacles. Who hasn’t woken in the wee hours with the troubles of the day playing in a loop, usually to some random tune? What someone once described to me as having the “washing machine head”.

The news should be avoided at all costs, but we’ve evolved into a species that has to know. We’ve long passed the point of accepting those things we can’t change. We get the facts, do our best to verify them (sometimes), stew in them for a bit and hand them on, usually through social media. Like some weird and twisted relay race, the baton of breaking news moves from hand to hand, at great speed, and there’s never a finishing line in sight.

About a week ago Mags and I went for one of regular walks. The air was ringing with birdsong, the sun was on our shoulders, and the air was fresh. In the hedgerow a tiny blue butterfly moved woozily against the green. We had no idea what it was called, but it was a thing of beauty, and that was enough. A brief moment of delicate blue. A life as large as any other. A dancing purpose. A cushion against that hard edge.

2 thoughts on “A Day of Thoughts

  1. I’m just in from a morning of sitting in the dirt and pulling weeds. And looking closely at beetles and bugs and flowers. And hearing birdsong and feeling the sun. An excellent antidote to that hard edge of life,


  2. I’m with both you and Vicki. Being close to nature is my pick-me-up and my endless source of both inner calm and excitement. A song thrush just came into the garden for a bath just now and I wanted to cheer – see them so seldom these days – and a beautiful big hornet buzzed past me as I planted some ferns, I felt in awe of its size. Everything makes sense when you’re with nature (seeing as very little else seems to most of the time) and sometimes I just want to escape into it and never come out!


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