When I Get Older…

It was my birthday last Friday, and ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ took on a little more weight for a day or so.

It was an enjoyable, low-key event. A few cards, a box of liquorice allsorts from my granddaughters and a couple of books: China Dream by Ma Jian, and To the River: A Journey Beneath the Surface by Olivia Laing.

The eldest granddaughter baked a wonderful cake, long since devoured (the cake, not the granddaughter).

In the evening I kicked back and watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, a thoroughly entertaining Coen brothers film.

And to top it all, I hear that Blac Rabbit just released ‘Seize the Day’. If you don’t know the band, check out their Beatles covers on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “When I Get Older…

  1. A belated happy birthday, Martin! Sounds like you celebrated in perfect style. 64 sounds like no age to me now – I can’t imagine a modern day equivalent of the Beatles releasing a song with that title/lyrics… It’d have to be at least 74, maybe 84.


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