Sublime and Ridiculous

Just finished rereading David hepworth’s excellent ‘Never a Dull Moment’ when my eye caught an online piece about Iggy Pop’s Totally Bonkers Contract Rider for Concerts.

I confess I came to Iggy Pop late. Too late, in fact. I quickly reached the conclusion that I should move along, nothing to see here.

But back to Hepworth’s book, which marks out 1971 as being a most significant year in music, on a number of levels. Aside from the compilation of fascinating facts and insider snippets, the book has the magical ability to make time travel seem real. So I found myself thumbing through the pages with one almost 64 year old foot in the present, the other, that of an almost 17 year old, feeling for places that offered a secure perch from where I could survey and enjoy the rock landscape of almost half a century ago.

I highly recommend the book and, while my mind remains unchanged with regards to Iggy Pop, I do have a soft spot for this collaborative effort, ‘China Girl’.

2 thoughts on “Sublime and Ridiculous

  1. We were completely into bluegrass and old time music by the Seventies. I’m so unaware of rock groups from that era. And I have a feeling it’s too late for me to learn to appreciate any of them.


    • I can understand how bluegrass and old-time took over, for you. And I confess, David Hepworth’s book has been instructive on so many levels. Bands I hadn’t heard of, stories I couldn’t possibly have known. I’ve tried reconnecting with some of the names mentioned, but I’ve come to the conclusion that you really needed to be there, at the time. So much of it seems so dated and irrelevant, now.


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