Purged Posts and Digital Dust

The clearing out of my digital drawers – not the wrong trousers – continues. Beware the perils of Facebook, as if the more sensible among you weren’t, already. I discovered that I can’t leave. At least I can’t leave without pulling the plug on various thriving interest groups that are inextricably locked into my personal account. The only thing for it is to delete as much personal data as is possible until my timeline reflects a long list of nothing. Some may argue there’s nothing new there.

Actually, even the laborious process of expunging six years of posts, shares and tagged items, manually, has its benefits. If nothing else it’s a good exercise in getting to know yourself better. For every “blimey! I didn’t realise that happened five years ago”, there’s a “oh gawd, did I really say that?”

Anyway, whilst taking a break from purging, deleting, wetting my virtual finger and rubbing out the errors of my online ways, I discovered something wonderful. A haunting collaboration bewteen Marianne Faithfull and Nick Cave on “The Gypsy Faerie Queen”.

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