Turning (over) Japanese

I have to confess, after watching Storyville: Tokyo Girls, recently, I was left feeling a little queasy. Middle aged men – Otaku – dedicating their lives to following teenage girls, their idols, and pursuing their fantasies with handshakes at events organized solely for that purpose, made my flesh crawl, to be honest. The documentary was screened as part of the current Japanese season, on the Beeb.

I don’t know an awful lot about Japan or Japanese culture, although I am a big fan of Yayoi Kusama. 87, and still going strong. Making art, everyday, for 70+ years.
© Martin Hodges 
And since tucking into helpings of ‘The Art of Japanese Life’, I’m beginning to appreciate the work of Katsushika Hokusai. There’s a way to go yet, though.

I have a distant cousin who is an animator. He spends a lot of time in Japan. Perhaps that’s what inspired him to make this short film about ‘Our Little Plastic Friend’?

2 thoughts on “Turning (over) Japanese

  1. I love that video – such a good message, and very well communicated by that blob of plastic getting bigger and bigger. All credit to Tesco, then, I guess, with their new move on the plastic bag problem. When everyone stops buying water in plastic bottles, that will be even better.


  2. I haven't seen Dave for a number of years, but he's such a talent. Yes, those pesky carrier bags and ubiquitous water bottles are a curse. I read somewhere that there is such a thing as an edible water bottle. Now that would be a huge leap forward.


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