Dug Up

I didn’t know that Jacob Rees-Mogg was a father to six children, did you? Apparently the most recent arrival, a little lad, has been named Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher. There’s a name to send you into a spin!

Sixtus is a named shared by five popes. The most recent, in 1590. Bet you’re glad I told you that. The closest I could get was Sixto Rodriguez, aka ‘Sugarman’. A class act.
Another class act, and I’ve only just become familiar with him, is Johnny Flynn. Fellow ‘Detectorists’ devotees will probably know that he sings the theme song, and appears as Johnny Piper in episode three of the first series.
So my ears are full of Sillion at the moment. No, not the shiny soil that’s been turned by the plough. But Johnny’s current album. Well worth a listen.
The Rees-Moggs probably had to go deep for Sixtus. Finding ‘Sugarman’ was quite a task. But “Sillion” has risen to the surface with ease.

2 thoughts on “Dug Up

  1. That certainly is a name and a half. Wonder if it will get shortened to anything? (Fivetus?)

    I'm loving Detectorists (really missed it not being on this week, looking forward to next Tues already). I'd never heard of Johnny Flynn either beforehand and, to be honest, the song/style wouldn't normally be my cup of tea. But there was something about seeing him perform it in Ep 3, and the whole feel of the programme, its rural setting, the mood and everything, that has completely altered my perception of the theme song. Strange how that can happen, but lovely, like having your mind opened up a bit. Likewise, listening to the track you posted here, I was far more receptive than I might have been otherwise, and enjoyed it very much. Thanks.


  2. My first instinct was, poor little lad, getting lumbered with a 'handle' like that. But, of course, he'd probably grow up disappointed to be a John , Mike, or Jim.

    I agree, the understating throughout, and the rural setting is where the charm lays, in Detectorists. Glad to hear that you've warmed to the tune, and Johnny Flynn. It's a cliché to say that my musical tastes are eclectic, but they always have been, long before I even knew what eclectic meant. About ten years ago, I got very enthusiastic about the new generation of folk artists that were coming to light. Seth Lakeman, etc. That enthusiasm has cooled now, and I've recentred a bit. I remain open-minded and I'm enjoying some new discoveries at some of the blogs (yours included) that I've visited lately.


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