River Horse

I’m not really a fan of Springwatch, or any of the other Watches broadcast by the BBC. I am a fan of the turning seasons, and all the magic they bring with them. So it’s probably more to do with the television presentation, or presenters, or a bit of both.

But I was drawn to this article, entitled ‘The true magic behind the beasts of Harry Potter’. Probably because it mentioned the name of the boy wizard, and I thought it might be of interest to our grandchildren, all fans of Hogwarts, its staff and students.
The photographs are great, and the subjects majestic. Did I mention magical?
Each shot is prefaced with a short blurb with reference to fact and fiction. Which got me thinking. You don’t see many Hippos hereabouts. The river Dun, which runs close by, supports a range of wildlife, no doubt. But nothing as exotic as a river horse. But what if…?

4 thoughts on “River Horse

  1. Oh a beautiful image, very magical – you're clearly a wizard.

    Interesting article too. And talking of water horses, coincidentally I was reading about this just the other week

    I too am a fan of changing seasons and the joys of nature and, much as I do like Springwatch (and Chris Packham), I still prefer to do my own all-year-round watching.


  2. Hey, thanks for the link to the Allenton hippopotamus! I'd never heard of it before. Yes, I like to get out and about, in the surrounding landscape, through all seasons. Just magical.


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