Found en route to Cornwall, via Wyoming

The strap-line reads, “Hauntingly beautiful images of ‘lost’ US railways”. I clicked the link to discover some were more hauntingly beautiful than others. I’m no expert, but can a railway actually be lost? Unless it departs from Platform 9¾ of course.

My favourites, purely for aesthetic reasons, are Park Avenue Tunnel Cut, New York City, and Clearing Storm, Medicine Bow, Wyoming. Have a gander. Let me know if we’re on the same wavelength.
Actually, speaking of Wyoming, a Facebook friend and I were exchanging views about lorry driving. I did it for nine years, delivering beer, wines and spirits all over Cornwall. He (FB friend) suggested that driving a truck in America would be most fun, and he illustrated his point with this little scenario: “Trundling all day across Wyoming and then stopping in some truckstop and playing pool and drinking Bud.” He later revealed that he had once spent an entire day crossing that western U.S. state, in a bus. I’d have preferred the bus over a truck and truckstops, any day.
It’s doubtful I’d have ever got behind the wheel of anything bigger than an average sized family car if we hadn’t lived in Cornwall. Driving around from pub to pub, in and out of season, was a dream job in the mid to late 80s. By the time I left, in the mid 90s, a lot of the magic had disappeared. Fewer tenant landlords, more managers. Less charm – the time when the owner of a small cliff-top hotel casually told of how she’d watched a submarine surface, as she was frying eggs for her guests – and more commercialisation.
When I go back to Cornwall, most of the old pubs are still trading. They’re the same, but so very different.
Hmm, maybe it is possible for a railway to be lost, after all.

Deb Johnston: a Cornish girl who is anything but lost.

2 thoughts on “Found en route to Cornwall, via Wyoming

  1. Great photos, right up my street (track?) – thanks. I like them all – the Coaling Tower Marion Ohio I find particularly disturbing, like the sort of place I've ended up in during bad dreams – usually haunted by an invisible malevolent presence on an upper storey. Love the dramatic sky backdrop in the Medicine Bow photo too – well, I like them all for their own different qualities, but all full of atmosphere.
    It's about 15 years since I've been down to Cornwall; I'd heard that it's changed too, even in that relatively short space of time.


  2. Thanks. “…haunted by an invisible malevolent presence on an upper storey” sounds like a blogpost in the making. Funny you should mention 15 years. That's how long we lived in Cornwall. Well, almost 15 years. We used to go back regularly, but haven't made the journey for about 6 years. We found we were coming back to Hampshire seriously homesick, so decided to avoid the torture. Might be ready again soon. That time seems more and more like a dream, now.


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