Muds and Rockers

In 2000 I was all set to be an Oxfam steward. It was an exciting prospect, as I recall.

The application had been straightforward. A list of do’s and don’t’s, things to bring, things to leave at home, was provided. All was well with the world. My tent was proofed and my wellies had no holes. I was ready for whatever a festival weekend might throw at me. Then, on the eve of my departure for Worthy Farm, I went down with a dose of the “squits”. Travelling was out of the question, and several phone calls later, between visits to the loo, it was mutually agreed that I sit it out *literally* and recover.
Sixteen years on and the grossly commercialised festival has my stomach churning for different reasons. Still, it is what it is, and I’m just an old fart moaning about how fings ain’t what they used be. Glasto has never been more popular, has it? Around 170,000 souls all lumped together for rewritten rituals under English summer skies. A weekend of tunes and temptations, all for around £243 a ticket – prices may vary
For stay-at-homes like me, there’s blanket coverage available across all devices. I don’t doubt it’s possible to pick up Radiohead on the food mixer, with a bit of effort.

Last time I went to Cambridge, in 2012, this left me speechless. 

2 thoughts on “Muds and Rockers

  1. Way back, we used to go to Bluegrass festivals — while I like rock well enough, the 'scene' was just too intense for me. Bluegrass festivals were nicely laid back but the last one we attended (Merlefest, some fifteen or twenty years ago) had gotten way too crowded for this semi-recluse.


  2. I think this is the first time I've heard someone else refer to it as the “squits”! Somehow imagined it was one of those words no-one else outside my immediate circle knew. So that's quite good to know (although obviously not that it stopped you being a Steward… sorry to hear that).
    I'm enjoying the easy escapism of catching some Glastonbury footage on TV at the moment, a pleasure to see the xx and a few others I like just doing their thing and doing it well. Indeed it's a different affair these days, ever-evolving I suppose, and full of clichés, but I don't mind from the comfort of my sofa!


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