School’s Out

These are strange times, indeed. So much in our society appears to be broken or doomed to failure, not least the state education system.

I’ve been interested in alternative ways of delivering education for around eight or nine years now, and what I’ve learnt is this. There is a shift taking place, among parents and others who want a method of learning that’s best for their children. The terms, “unschooling”, “homeschooling”, and “self-directed learning” are appearing more and more in mainstream articles and on social media. A while back, Ciara Brehony and I started up a Facebook group called “Another Way”. The group has just shy of 300 members who share experiences and various developments in alternative methods of educating. And we are just one example among many.

Yesterday I was delighted to learn that The Alliance for Self-Directed Education is now offering membership. I didn’t hesitate to join. I feel that the time has come to strike out in a completely new direction. A time to promote another way of learning. A time to put kids at the centre of education so that they can grow and flourish, rather than wither as dry statistics in a system that is rapidly becoming unfit for purpose.

4 thoughts on “School’s Out

  1. I'm so glad you didn't link your piece to that tune. The one (and only) time I used an Alice tune I was served a Cease & Desist order from Mr. Cooper's *people*.


  2. As you know, I now have a particularly personal interest in this — though Josie's just a week old. We felt some trepidation forty years ago when we sent our son and later his brother to our local rural schools but decided that the socialization was important and we would focus on supplementing the education they received and be ready to home school should the boys really dislike their school. It worked out well in both cases . . .


  3. Vicki, a success story, thankfully, for your boys, and due in no small part to you having back up plan. Sadly, the system is well and truly screwed now. The homeschooling/unschooling option is being taken up at quite a rate, these days. People are finally waking up to the situation and are saying enough is enough.


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