Just Sayin’

  Back in October, 2016, I stepped away from blogging. I believed I’d run out of steam. The truth was, for a whole host of reasons and, as B.B. King might have recognised, the thrill had gone. I may have become too self-critical and, at the same time, uncharacteristically shy about having my say. But blogs are in fact the ideal places to verbally let it all hang out. There are zillions of personal spaces currently looking for a foothold in the ether. Many more have attained archive status or are simply withering from neglect. So here I am, putting another one in the mix. I mean, who’s going to notice another occasional airing of opinion and observation, eh?

Visitors who stumble into this blog shouldn’t be alarmed. They’ll just find a 62 year old bloke having his say about something or nothing. Feel free to heckle, but as Liz Taylor reminded the crowd at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, 1991, “I’ll get off in a minute. I’ve got something to say.” To which you might, of course, feel inclined to reply in the manner of Reggie Kray, “Look, you’ve got nothing to say and you’re saying it too loudly.”

With the world going through a particularly weird cycle, I doubt if a single head would turn if I stood in the road and cautioned, in my loudest voice, “Anything could happen in the next half hour.”

Trump looking to duke it out with North Korea, warnings of an imminent global cyber-attack, the prospect of sushi lovers having their bodies invaded by parasites, Jay Z’s personal fortune edging toward $1bn. Where’s Troy Tempest when you need him?!

6 thoughts on “Just Sayin’

  1. It's good to see you blogging again, Martin.

    I too have taken a step back from regular writing but am feeling the need to voice my many opinions, as well as be creative, once again.

    Good luck, my friend. I wish you much fun in your new project.



  2. Hi Martin, glad I came here! I've given myself permission to pause for a little while in my own blogging (reassured to find it's a phenomenon shared by several of us) – just enough to feel fired up again soon, I hope. Happily, in doing so it's freeing me up to explore and enjoy others' blogs even more than usual, just as a reader and sometime commenter. I'm actually finding it remarkably liberating too so that must be a good thing! Anyway the point I'm making is that it's also how I found my way here, by taking the time to investigate; I'm pleased I did.
    Look forward to more posts (sorry I missed your previous blog…)


  3. Hi C. I actually visited Sun Dried Sparrows this afternoon. How weird is that? I liked what I saw and added you to my blogroll. Hope to see you around.


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